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Free Download Pes (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2017 Apk + Data for Android - Game reviewers unanimously agreed that Pro Evolution Soccer (Pes) 2017 Apk is the best football game ever created. It received rave reviews about its realistic gameplay and the most real virtual representation of the beautiful game. But have the developers at KONAMI outdone themselves and made the game even better? Read on to find out.

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Pes 2017 Android

Some of the stand out features of the game are:

- The thing about PES 2017 that stands out the most is the stunning graphics. Players are distinctly recognizable from afar by their movements and style of play. As a result, that Ronaldo long ranger or that outrageous skill that you pulled off with Neymar will look all the more realistic.
- The 2017 edition of the Pro-Evo franchise has maintained the excellent gameplay of its predecessor and added a few new features of its own. The gameplay feels really smooth and immersing. Player collision is very realistic and there has been an upgrade in the physics engine, making the game all the more realistic.
- The much popular Manager mode is as good as ever, allowing you to take charge of your football club and it's destiny. The game has more than. 5000 players that you can buy and create an unstoppable team of superstars. You can upgrade and customize your club's stadium and earn huge profits which you can then use in the transfer market.
- Online play has greatly improved and the lag issues that were present in PES 2016 have been fairly reduced.
- The game sports a cool set of co trips which makes it easier to just immerse yourself into the gameplay.
- The beat part is you can run into female teams from time to time, which makes it all the more fun to play.

Click here for Free Download Pes 2017 Apk + Data for Android

Here's a list of new features added to the game:

- Improved Goalkeepers: Goalkeepers were much criticized in PES 2016 Apk for their shabby goalkeeping. This issue has been rightly addressed and the goalkeepers have been given an upgrade, enabling them to make flying saves. This makes scoring that much harder, and that much more satisfying.
- Adaptive AI: For the first time ever, the AI will not just try to stop you, it will analyse the areas where you're causing damage and mark that area or a mark a player who is causing trouble out of the game. It will adapt to each individual player and try to stop them accordingly.
- Real touch: Players are much more slick with their touches and try to touch the ball the same way as their real life counterparts. Players will touch the ball differently based on their position and that of the player or players marking him.
- A whole new set of animations have been added which perfectly compliments the brilliant gameplay.

All in all, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer ) 2017 is THE best football game out there. With incredible graphics and groundbreaking new AI technology, this game is a real treat to all the football fans out there

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Free Download Pes 2017 Apk + Data for Android

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