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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Apk + Data for Android

Free Download Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation Apk + Data Full for Android (Offline) - Modern Combat 3 apk is an action game made in Gameloft, no secret that this game is very inspired by the game call of duty, if you have ever played Call of Duty and you will find many similarities, but modern combat 3 proved successful implementation of these features with very good. In single player if you successfully kill an enemy you will earn points that you can spend on upgrading your weapons or bullets, you can also add to this point through IAP (in app purchase).

Features multiplayer Modern Combat 3 apk arguably is a feature that is more favored than the single player. According gameloft live, there are about 2000 modern combat 3 players online so you will never run out of opponents. In this multiplayer game there is a system level, where you will get exp per kill the opponent. The higher your level the more guns are also available. you are required to create an account gameloft live to be able to play the multiplayer mode, with the progress you will also be stored in server.

Modern Combat 3 Apk is a very complete game, you get 13 missions are very varied and very exciting multiplayer modes. I spent many hours playing a multiplayer mode because experience pc play really can be created again. Its easy to say that Modern Combat 3 is the best fps game for 2011. You should be aware that there are differences between generations dual core graphics (such as ipad 2) and single core (1 ipad or iphone 4), device with next-generation dual-core can play this game with the maximum effect is also more steady-effects, for example on ipod touch 4 when we ran the picture does not become a blur, but if playing in ipad 2 our environment becomes blur, the pictures above are taken from the ipod touch 4. See u in the multiplayer game guys.
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Apk

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Apk

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for Android

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for Android

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