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Best Defense Tactics & Strategy CLAN WARS Strong

(COC Tips) Best Defense Tactics & Strategy CLAN WARS Strong Clash of Clans - Here are some strategies clan wars you must understand!
Defense Strategy CLAN WARS

Defense Strategy CLAN WARS Strong:

  • Put clan castle is in the middle

When a clan castle circumvented in the middle, then it will be difficult to lure the enemy troops on the clan castle.

  • Lower minimum of 200 trophy

When lowering the 200 trophy or even more then the enemy will be more easily found. When you already have sufficient troops and already you train, of course you have to be ready to attack another village. Why is that? Because by attacking other villages you will get Gold or Elixr that you can use to build the village. Then, Gold and Elixr also you upgrade. It is important for you to spend Elixr for research at the Laboratory. When you are always active research in the Laboratory, the benefit is that you will have a reliable troops so that they can attack, slaughtering, and steal resources from other villages. It is one of the strategies to survive CLAN WARS because attacking is also an obligation in this game to defend the village.

  • Put seeking mine water close to the water defense

Though not all, but most enemies will issue a healer in the defense of water.

  • Join the other clan

There are also other ways as a coping strategy CLAN WARS that with this you will get a lot of information on how to make your village more powerful and more difficult to be defeated by your enemies. Well, with a coalition with another clan allows you to exchange troop. It would be very beneficial for you if the clan that became your friends to share troop reliable so as to make the village's strong defensively.

Thus several strategies to survive in clash of clans or clan wars. Moreover, it could by buying gems coc to buy builder to improve village defense / your city.

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