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Smart AppLock Pro v3.13.3 Apk Free Download

Free Dowload AppLock Pro v2.06 Apk for Android - Do your friends and colleagues always borrow your smartphone to play games? Smart AppLock is a sylphlike tool to provide protection to your personal privacy in mobile applications. AppLock Pro secures singled out applications from unauthorized accessibility by faking a program crash whenever somebody attempted to access the secured applications. The attractive lock is created upon Android system level, to accommodate completely defense to your personal privacy. You can access to your secured applications by touching on the fake crash dialog box a setting number of times and entering into a secret PIN. AppLock v3.13.3 is find out on Google Play and its complete APK file (. apk) can be downloaded completely free from our servers on this post.
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Dowload AppLock Pro v3.13.3 APK

Immediately after you set a list of secured applications, there will be lock standard protection when setting up the protected applications.
  • Lock your app precisely and wisely
  • Proficient at functionality and power-saving
  • Using lovely pattern lock
  • No advertisements and no constraint (vs. Free version).


  • Provides protection to any applications applying password or pattern.
  • Photo Vault, cover up images.
  • Video Vault, conceal videos.
  • Customize background, set your best-loved picture.
  • Themes.
  • Phony cover.
  • Profiles, simple to alter the locks.
  • Automatic lock at provided time.
  • Automatic lock at provided area.
  • Random keyboard.

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