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Criminal Case v2.5.4 Mod Apk Full Version

Download Criminal Case Mod APK - Criminal case was a Facebook gaming but is presently readily available on Android OS completely free. The Criminal Case, found out by gamers as CC is a game app in Facebook. In Criminal Case, the gamer is the investigator and will certainly discover signs to grab the murderers and to be able to advance in the cases provided. Moreover, similar to any police officer on the line, the gamer will certainly begin as a beginner and work in a group with David Jones. Once they identify the object to resolve the case, the gamers get the ratings. It is based in the make-believe realm of Grimsborough and the gamer ends up being a part of the Security force of Grimsborough.
Criminal Case Apk

Criminal Case Mod Apk

Criminal Case Mod Apk

Download Criminal Case Mod APK
The Star you earned in every inspection will be the "unit of currency" that you will certainly use in other work to complete the task like postmortems of the body of the sufferer, laboratory investigation of proofs and interrogating witnesses. For this game not to be monotonous, there are various techniques for the players. There is some small work that you can do to break the investigator work activity.

  • Interrogate criminality scenarios in a corrupt and gloomy city.
  • Have fun with your close friends to be the most reliable investigator ever.
  • Analyze ideas and investigate samples to try to find information.

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