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Download UC Browser 10.5.0 APK for Android (Offline)

One more application of alternative sites for the android browser that you can use to surf the Internet via android phone, the name of the application that is uc browser for android.

UC Browser application is known as the most rapid and reliable. Browser application uses a high-level compression technology that is obtained by the server in order to provide faster searching and use less data, of course.

By using uc application for android browser this, gain new experiences by searching more easily, quickly and practically on your android phone or tablet.

UC Browser 10.5.0 APK

The main features of New UC Browser 10.5

  • Clean and Complete Display: Page navigation redesigned and simpler arrangements.
  • Fast Browsing: Quick Mode version contains the best fit web pages your internet speed.
  • Add-Ons: Personalization to improve the web browsing experience with a wide selection of your mobile ads-ons including Facebook Photo Uploader, Regulator Movement, more and more.
  • Smart download: Supports many downloads, and cloud background with auto reconnection.
  • Football UC: Experience the most complete and current football only in UC Browser.
  • Ad blocking: NOT for Advertising, YES to browse nonstop.
  • Video control with Movement: Volume, brightness, speed etc, can all be arranged with the movement.
  • Theme settings: Visit UC themes or use your own picture to embellish your browser.

New Features in v10.5.0

  • Upload images optimized.
  • Upload images to Facebook in a way that is easier and funny.
  • Play video on Multi-resolution.
  • Now you can select your desired video resolution at UC Browser.

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