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Best Apps to Transform The Android Interface Like an Iphone

Your Android smartphone approximately revamped to appear to be a big-screen iOS 7 stuff with merely a few apps immediately. It's challenging to create your Android smartphone run precisely similar to an apple iphone in virtually every approach, however there are a couple of applications and fine-tune that'll acquire you close. To assist you throughout this tricky point, we identified several free applications that produce your Android smartphone feel and look precisely similar to an apple iphone. In fact, it is so credible; you may even forget your iOS rivalry. There are tons of iOS-copy applications on Google Play, and even though the majority of them are paid, we have carried out our finest to get all of the excellent ones that are entirely totally free.

Best Apps to Transform The Android Interface Like an Iphone:

1.        Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher for Android
Espier Launcher upgrades your default Android house screens with an iPhone-style user interface. Remarkably enough, Espier also operations similar to an iPhone-- swipe delegated browse your phone, produce folders by grabbing application icons across one another, wipe around disclose the multitasking toolbar, and sight notification depends on messages and missed calls. In case you have a previous Android phone, the user interface may be a little bit of laggy, however can possibly be greatly improved by touching the menu button, Preferences, and unchecking movement effects. To create Espier Launcher your default user interface, tap the home button, look at the box alongside "use by default for this action," and tap Espier Launcher

2.        Faux-iOS Launcher

Faux-iOS Launcher for Android
As long as you're only choosing visual appeals, you may only wish to acquire a faux-iOS launcher. So as to trick your hands you'll need to have an encouraging faux-iOS key-board.

3.        Notification 7

Notification 7 for Andoird
In case that you want the brilliant method to get in between notifications in the iOS 7 pull-down status bar, Notification 7 will certainly provide you that, however with an Android variation, allowing you transform the background (just in the Pro version), and set up various notification widgets in the status bar.

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