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Why Is My House Not Selling? - House Selling Tips

Why Is My House Not Selling
Why Is My House Not Selling? - House Selling Tips. Do you find yourself  asking…” why is my house not selling and what do I need to do to sell my house ” ? The following 5 reasons can you help you discover what you are doing wrong.

1. Not Knowing About Staging Your Home To Sell

Home staging  is a skill, an art form ! It is all about dressing your home to make the best impression when a new buyer visits your home for the 1st time, just as you would put on your best clothes when you are going out on a 1st date with a guy or woman you really like!. Not knowing about the how to’s on staging your home to sell will hurt your home selling efforts and help your competitors sell their home faster if they are doing it.

Look at it as arranging a vase with beautiful flowers, if you do not think you have the knack for doing  a great staging job, you may want to consider a professional staging company if within your budget. People will clean, wash, change oil, vacum, give a tune up to their cars, make some minor repairs  before trying to sell it, to get the highest price for it.

Strangely enough, but homeowners when it comes to their house a major investment, they do not place enough importance in their house to help get the house sold fast and to the get the highest price ! Yeap, some times we all do some crazy things that we recognize later and ask ourselves why did I do that, I know better then that !

2. Not Knowing How To Price You Home Correctly

It is by far the worst mistake you can make, hanging the wrong price on a home. On the internet pricing of homes is critical and eliminate potential buyers in a heart beat or help you obtain showings to potential interested buyers.

You’ll be competing against other similar properties and new construction so selecting the correct price is crucial in selling the house fast, and incorrect pricing will simply stop you from the selling the house.

Just as there are reputable and not so credible professionals in all industries, you will find some agents who will price the property incorrectly at a higher so they can get your listing, being that they are playing on the thought that you will favor the agent more that says he can sell your house for more.

But this can hurt you more then it can help you, as you will find out if you do not take this warning seriously and would like to test the waters. What you will do by not taking this advice, you will effectively sabotage of any chances of selling your house fast, then asking yourself why is your house not selling.

In addition, by you pricing your house wrong, what you have just done is have just helped your competitors house down the street sell faster if they have priced their home correctly and competitively and you did not…food for thought !
Will be a major costly mistake if you do not take seriously setting the price of your home correctly from the beginning.
Still Not Sold

3. Poor Real Estate – House Marketing

Real property owners, may think that selling a home is a fairly simple process. In reality, the process of selling a house fast, is an art and anything but a simple process. It takes planning, preparation, market analysis, marketing, time and money to do it correctly.

Right now there are many homeowners who are frustrated and wondering, ” Why is my house not selling ” ? More then likely these are sellers do not know how to market their house to the right correctly to the largest pool of buyers.
There are pros and cons to you putting the hat on of a For Sale By Home Owner vs working with a professional real estate broker.

If you needto sell house quick, then real estate agents will help you sell quicker. They have more tools and experience.  But select the wrong agent, you can lose your house if you are facing foreclosure, or find yourself waiting a long time to get your house sold.

4. Houses In Undesirable Locations

Some houses are located in great locations, that appeals to many potential home buyers, and other houses are just badly positioned in poor areas, that makes it a more difficult sale. Like a home by a sewage plant, a noisy highway, by the railroad, by the subway on the street level as you will find them in certain areas of NYC.

Other factors are high crime areas, bad schools, busy roads, poorly maintained neighboring homes, lack of public transportation, poor shopping, power lines and poor parks.
These houses also need to be staged and marketed correctly and even more so, since they are already at a disadvantage due to their location. They need to be marketed to the right type of buyers, but you have to know this 1st other wise you end up spinning your wheels and not selling your house.

A professional realtor will be better equipped to market and know how who to target as buyers for best chances of getting your house sold.
Preparing your house for selling can be a daunting and overwhelming task whether you have lived in your home a few years or many. The longer you have lived in your home the more things you will have acquired.

5. Real Estate Down Market

In 2011 we are currently still in a down market around the country, it is picking up a little and houses are selling. But it is definitely a tougher market to try and sell a house now.

What Are You Up Against
  1. You are competing against discounted bank ( Reo ) owned properties
  2. Bank foreclosure auctions, short sale properties
  3. Banks are lending money, but only to applicants with great credit except now for FHA loans.
  4. Very high inventory of properties and more choices for buyers
  5. A buyers market and not a sellers market

The banks are your one biggest competitor, what a mess ahhhh So you are up against the very banks that you pay a mortgage too, they are also more then likely selling properties at a discount too due to all the foreclosures occuring and taking back these properties.

All because of greedy corrupt bankers that took advantage of home owners and giving them mortgages they did not qualify for, maybe you are one of those that got one of these loans and now they want to take your property back.

It is disgusting how these bankers got a bail out loan to get out of the mess they created, got their year end bonuses for ripping off home owners like yourself, and to top it off they got year end high million dollar bonuses for screwing up the economy and ripping people off.

If you found this article useful and  tired of going to sleep wondering why is my house not selling, get your free report now on how to sell your house fast.

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