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Samsung UN46ES6100 Review | 46-Inch 1080p Slim LED HDTV

Samsung UN46ES6100 46-Inch
The Samsung UN46ES6100 has been one of the hottest TVs, and therefore we wanted to give it a product review. Samsung has always been one of the top selling brands when it comes to LED TVs. The Samsung UN46ES6100 has been out for quite some time now. We want to say that this TV was released some time in the beginning of 2012. It's attracted many buyers in the past and have gained positive reviews.

One thing for sure is that the Samsung UN46ES6100 will benefit most people that are looking for a new TV to put in the living room. The reason why we say the living room, is because that's where you usually want to put a big TV.

One of the key features of this 46 inch TV is the overall picture quality. It's the main reason why anyone would want to buy a new TV. We were amazed at the 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast, in which is mind blowing. Customers have said that the picture quality is extremely crisp and that the colors are too vibrant. Therefore, you'll have to mess around with the settings. When it comes to Samsung, you're going to expect the best quality that's out there. Everything will look a bit too real, which at times can be overwhelming. However, you will get used to it. You will definitely want to have a blu-ray player so you can watch your favorite movies at the highest quality possible.

Samsung UN46ES6100 Slim LED HDTV

Another feature that we liked is the built-in Wi-Fi. You can connect to the internet and surf the web without using a PC. One thing for sure is that you can go on YouTube or Netflix to watch a couple of videos. We love the design on the Samsung UN46ES6100. It's very thin, and it's actually pretty light. You can mount this TV wherever you want at ease. The benefits of having a thin TV is not only because of its unique look, but the fact that you can easily move the TV around the house if you'd like.

Samsung UN46ES6100 Review

One drawback with this TV is the Smart Hub. A lot of customers have complained that this feature lags and that can be quite frustrating. However, this shouldn't take any affect on the overall picture quality of the TV. The Samsung UN46ES6100 is a perfect living room TV that provides tons of features. You should definitely take this TV into consideration.

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