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Lenovo G570 gaming laptop Review | 15.6-Inch High Specs

Lenovo G570 Review
The Lenovo G570 4334EEU is one of the latest laptops to hit the gadget world. We wanted to see what the big deal is with this laptop, and therefore we did our further on research on this product. The Lenovo G570 4334EEU is an affordable laptop that is fairly new in the market. It features an i5 processor with 500 gigabytes of hard drive space.

This laptop will benefit those that need to surf the internet every day, be entertained, or to get their work done. If you're looking for a gaming laptop, then this isn't the best choice for you. For the price of the Lenovo G570 4334EEU, we were surprised that it features an i5 processor. Basically the processor is what makes everything run on a computer. The CPU is similar to our brains. Every single operation that you do with this laptop is processed in CPU. Therefore, the i5 is considered to be one of best processors next to the i7. There's about 4 gigabytes of DIMM ram. As we mentioned earlier, if your goal is to surf the net, utilize tons of programs, and to entertain yourself with multimedia, then 4 gigabytes is more than enough. You won't lag as long as you take care of the laptop.

Lenovo G570 Specs

We were surprised that this laptop holds about 500 gigabytes of hard drive space. A MacBook Pro that goes for more than $1,000 has the same amount of space. You're saving your money if you do decide to go for the Lenovo G570 4334EEU . The screen is actually 15.6 inches. It's a lot bigger than most laptops out there. This is big enough if you're the type of person that loves to multitask.

Lenovo G570 Laptop

The integrated graphics on this laptop is the Intel HD 3000 graphics card. It's not the best graphics card out there, but it does get the job done. You can see everything on HD clearly when you watch your favorite show or movie. The only problem is that you may not play your favorite videogame at the highest setting. If you're looking for an affordable laptop that gets the job done, then the Lenovo G570 4334EEU should be something to consider.

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